Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Early American Research on Billington families

This Blog is designed to follow the migration of the Billington's from James of New Jersey through his son Ezekiel's descendents as they moved west from New Jersey to North Caroline, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, South Dakota, then Montana.   From our South Dakota/ Montana roots, most of us living now have families that spread as far north as Alaska, as far south as California, as far East as New York and as far west as Seattle. 

This page is about Ezekiel born 3-22-1759 who had two brothers named Samuel (born about 1745) and  James born around 1742.  We do not know of any other siblings who may have been born, but not survived.
There mother was Anna America Garner.  Ezkiel was only 5 years old when his father died so was raised by his mother and step father James Rolsen.  At age 17, in 1776, he served as a private in the New Jersey Regiment at various times in the Revolutionary War.  He was taken prisoner until sometime in 1777 when he enlisted in the British Army rather than stay on British Prison ship in New York Harbor.  He served on three ships then was sent to Georgia, then South Carolina where he deserted from the British Army.  He joined General Green's Army and served 12 months and was in the Battle at Eutaw Springs.  General Green then gave him a discharge and a recommendation explaining his imprisonment. He was 21 at the time and as he started homeward but stopped in North Carolina to get work  He became attached to the people there and settled in Johnston County where he married Elizabeth Penny  and worked as an overseer. His children were born in Johnston Co...all 12 of them from 1785 to 1809. Around 1810 he was granted land in Tennessee as a result of being a veteran. He settled in  Bedford Co, Tennessee. His children were:  Elias 1785, Jared 1789,
Pennuel 1790, Samuel 1791, James 1792, Allison 1807, Martha 1795, Elisa 1798, Ezekiel Jr. 1799, Alice 1801, Jane 1802, America Ann 1809.   Research on all of these  Billington's was done by Lonnie Deaton published in the USGEn Web Archives.  Further information of each of these mentioned can be obtained by anyone interested, just let me know.   Lonnie's ancestor was James, our is Jared.    Next blog...all about Jared.

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