Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jailer Days - Deadwood South Dakota

Dee was jailer for the local Deadwood jail  for four years under Sheriff Garland and later Sheriff Manning.  He shared  many unusual adventures about this time of his life with his daughter, Estelle, who has now shared them with us.  Some of these stories will be retold here in her voice.

"Dad often had to go to the saloon to break up a fight or put someone in jail until he sobered up, mostly on Saturday nights when the cowboys came in with their week's pay.  Dad, of course, had a gun but didn't usually wear it.  He believed the best way to get shot was to wear a gun. He also was more concerned about killing some one than being killed himself.  He had two English bulldogs.  He said they looked fierce but wouldn't hurt a mouse.  Whenever he had to bring someone into jail, he would take the dogs along instead of his gun.

"Come on, I'm taking you to jail until you sober up," he would tell the guy stirring up the trouble.

"Who's going to take me??" was often the reply along with a dirty look and a fist ready to hit Dad.

"Take'em Boys!" Dad would yell at the dogs.  The dogs would each grab a pant leg and pull until the guy sat down---HARD!  After that the guy would step on his heels to get into the jail away from the dogs. 
The dogs loved this game.

One time when the jail was full, one of the inmates asked Dad to let the dogs in because there was a mouse in there and they thought the dogs could get it.  So Dad let the dogs in and locked the door. But it sounded like all H...broke loose.  When Dad opened the door, every man was downed and the dogs were looking at him very self satisfied.  They didn't understand they were sent in just for a little old mouse!"

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  1. Are these the stories that you tape recorded from Estelle back when we were kids and would go to visit her?