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September Researach: Stottlemyer Family members.

The Stottlemyer Family

September's research on the Stottlemyer line has led to many records giving information that helps us follow our ancestor's migration across the states.  Anyone reading this who has additional information that can be added, please email me  at so that updates can be added and  posted in the future.

William Henry Stottlemyer,( 1852) (West Virginia) and Sarah Catherine Rice (1862) (Missouri) were married on June 20, 1878 in Jerico Springs, Cedar County, Missouri.
Their children were all born and raised on a farm near Jerico Springs. They had 9 children, but the only the  6 are listed as living on the 1900 Census.(Benton Township, Jerico Springs City) and on the 1910 census states they had 11 children with 8 living. the last four are listed in Morris Township Missouri and also they are listed .
on the 1920 census of Cimarron, Okalahoma 

Oscar   E,             Oct 17, 1879
Rose May            Jan 28, 1882
Emma Lee          March 23, 1884
Judy Alice           Sept 30, 1886                                               
James Alfred      Aug. 6, 1888                                            
Johnny                Nov 7, 1890
Bertha Ellen       May 4, 1892
Edith                   Dec. 25, 1894
Jessie Ernest      April  16,1898
Lula Vaughn      Jan 13, 1901
Cora Cecil          August 20, 1903

1) Oscar E. married Alice about 1910..their children: 
Bertha O.             1908 Idaho
Elsie P.                 1911 Missouri
Frank W.             1918  Iowa  (also know as William Frank)
Rosalie                 1920  Missouri
Clyde W.              1926  Oklahoma

The family moved around but by 1926 Oscar and family were living in Oklahoma .  The 1930 Census of Red Fork, Tulsa County shows that his parents, William and Sarah were living with him at that time.

Both William Henry and Sarah died in 1933.  Their death certificates state they were in Sand Springs, Oklahoma at that time. (Perhaps a nursing home there.)

2) Rose May, our great grandmother at age 17 or 18,  married  Henry Sutton, age 20, who grew up just a few ranches down from the Stottlemyers place. (Both families can be found on the 1900 Census of Cedar County, MO.) They had two children:  

Eva Lanora      March 30, 1901  Jerico Springs, Missouri
Charlie             1905                     Oklahoma. 

Eva told us that Charlie died young, about age 9, but she was unsure of his birth date , and death date and location. So it was difficult to find information about Charlie. Henry is also difficult to find as he does not appear on any census record after 1900 that I have found so far. Eva told us only that he "disappeared," not leaving word as to where he was going.  Rose and her children  lived with her sister Emma in Wyoming for a while after Charlie was born. Rose married Fred Martz before 1908 and had two little boys:  Freddie and Doyle before moving to Livingston, Montana in 1909.  (more on the Martz family next month)

The 1910 Census records of Livingston is the only document I have found so far showing Charlie.  This document records his birth place as Oklahoma. I am assuming his mother was visiting there in 1905.  He died about 1914 in Livingston.  I am still searching for his death date, burial and the reason he died at such an early age.  ( more on the Sutton family next month)

Freddie Doyle Eva, Charlie 

3) Emma married Monroe Baxter Jeffery in Missouri and they had 6 children.  They moved moved to Wyoming about 1906.  Emma's children:

Bertha Naomi        Nov 23, 1904       Missouri
Emma Artie          March 14, 1906    Wyoming
Wilbert Monroe    Jan 29, 1908         Wyoming
Alvin                       August 30, 1909  Wyoming
Malvin                    August 30, 1909  Wyoming 
Dorothy May         Dec. 12, 1912        Wyoming

Emma married August Herman Walters in   Their child:

Pershing Woodrow Walters     June 6, 1919     Livingston, Montana

4) Judy Alice  (no information available)

5) James Alfred lived in Sand Springs Oklahoma and owned a blacksmith shop.  He married Mammie( or Maymie) and had one child (as listed on the 1930 and 1940  Census)
He died in Nov. 5, 1957 in Oklahoma.

Karl  R                1927  Oklahoma

6)  Johnny - no information
7)   Bertha Ellen -  no information

8)   Edith married Albert Stottlemyre in 1903 and lived in Sand Springs Oklahoma (1920 and 1930 census) Albert worked at a glass company.
They had seven children listed on the 1930 census all born in Sand Springs Oklahoma:
LaVern                  1913
Orlin                      1916
James                    1918
Elmer                    1921
Elua May               1924
Dewayne               1927
Ruth                      1930

9) Jessie Ernest  WWI Draft registration 1917 no further information

10) Lula Vaughn married Glen McCrackin May 16, 1920 and appears on the 1940 Census for Tulsa County, Oklahoma with two children: They may have had more children.

Merle Dewey      1924
Charlotte Marie   1926

Our Grandma Eva remembers Lula Vaughn the most because they were born the same year, the same place. 

11) Cora Cecil -no information

Next month...the next generation of Stottlemyer's, Suttons and Martz families.

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