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In 1937, D. S. Billington sent the following letter to his son Sid and his family when they lived in Dixon Montana.  I  am copying the original..handwriting as it is..yellowed by age, including the envelope stamped with a 3 cent stamp.

Reprinted here with punctuation:

  Dear Eva & Sid & all the family,
Thanks for the Birthday Greetings.  Well, it is raining here & has been for sometime...the most we have had in several years.  They had a flood at Belle Fourche..ruined their tourist park & other damage.  Frank Avery & wife was here to see us one evening.  Art Pike is here also now.  Eva, I am taking your suggestion seriously about holding a family reunion there next summer..if Joe & Binks (Hazel) come out next summer.  Les said he would come if the others would.  I think you will see Leo, Jr. there about the 1st of Aug...he is in Bismark, ND now in a training camp for boys.
Everything is green here.   I have the best garden I ever had..lawn's green & weeds plentiful..keeps me feeling fine fighting them.   We had a good visit with Les & Dale & I guess you did also.  Cecil says her kids are having the time of their lives.  Hope the rain I sent (is) keeping you from haying.  Well, I can't think of anything of interest to write so will quit.  I think Stella will write some later.  Say Hello to all the kiddies.  I had a long birthday from Sunday before till Sunday after.  Love to all           Dad

It was probably that following year that the Sid Billington family had visitors in Arlee, but the only picture we have is below with Aunt Hazel.  I am thinking that Hazel's husband, Joe Colaw, took this picture.  In one of Estelle's letters she says she didn't see her brother Sid until she was 20 years that would be the year 1939.

ElDee  Bill Blondie Hazel Sid in back
Eva Donna Jo Stella Carol in front

In her letter Estelle also said she and her dad stayed with Les after his wife Dale passed away in 1938. Dee appears on the 1940 Census with his son Les in Merced, California.  Dee stayed with Les for two years, but also stayed with his daughter Estelle, for a total of 6 years in California.  He was there at her wedding to her husband Jim Fontana, June 11, 1944 in Carmel California. Later Dee died at Estelle's house in Carmel, on July 5, 1944, one day before his 89th birthday.
Estelle and Father on June 11, 1944

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