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ESTELLA ROSE BILLINGTON VETTER--presented by her family (part 1)

Estella Rose Billington Vetter ( 4/21/1921-6/29/2003)

Born April 15th, 1921 to Sydney and Eva Billington in
Livingston,  Montana. She had three brothers, Eldee, Wilbur(Bill) 
and Sydney(Jack)and also four sisters Elvira(Blondie), Georgia(Jo), 
Kelly and Carol. She was raised as a country girl in her earlier
 years living on a small farm outside of Livingston where she 
enjoyed her childhood years. She could be seen with  three others
all riding one horse to school. She developed her love of the 
country life, of nature's wonders and its abundant wildlife
during these times.  She grew up as a "tomboy" type, always trying 
to "out do" her brothers at any task or dare. She had a stubborn
streak at times and a character of strong will, especially when
she was right and the whole world was wrong. She also had a 
very caring heart for her family and friends.

Stella's family later moved to the Arlee area north of Missoula during
her teenage years to another country setting where she still enjoyed the
life of country living - be it working her earlier morning chores- putting
up with the cold weather or cantankerous live stock - she never 
complained, not to loud that is.

In her late teens she became rambunctious and looked 
for a change in life- she met a young man from the Missoula 
area, Glen Vetter in 1940 and fell in love. They got married
on February 13th and later that year moved to Anaconda 
where Glen started work for the Anaconda Copper Company
and Stella begun her new life as wife and mother with the birth
 of her first son Rodger Glen Vetter.

She later gave birth to a daughter, Charlene Jo, and a another son, 
Terry Lee in her earlier years of living in town. She lost her infant
daughter at an young age.With the loss of her daughter, the raising 
of two rambunctious boys who were always a handful for her and
with the cantankerous neighbors to close by, she yearned for the
rural life of her childhood days. 

With the urging to Glen to move, Terry bugging the neighbors
and Rodger catching the local church curtains on fire with
the candles, Glen gave in and moved to the West Valley
in 1949 to her present home along the Warm Springs Creek.
She gave birth to her third son Ronald on January 6, 1950. 

Stella was more contended now with living in the country with room 
to raise her children. She enjoyed her flower gardens- raising chickens
- fishing in the creek-working in the vegetable gardens- canning 
and making jellies- but most of all just being a country girl all over 

again and enjoying life as best as she could.

Stella later worked at various retail stores and restaurants to help
support the family when the kids were older. Many people enjoyed 
her good nature and kindness. She worked on and off until retiring 
in the early 80's. 

She lost the love of her life in 1991 with the passing of her husband,
of over fifty years, after a long illness. Her strong will and family

support, especially from her son Terry, gave her the will to carry on
and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. She enjoyed her surroundings 
with watching & feeding her wild birds, local deer visits, raising ducks 
and pheasants for awhile, watching elk graze on the mountain sides, 
trying to catch a fish or two out the back yard if the (darn) mosquitoes 
weren't to hungry, tending to her raspberry & strawberry plants,
watching her favorite old westerns on TV and going for a good ole ride
 in the country to enjoy mother natures wonders. She also enjoyed 
and adored having her grandchildren & great grandchildren around to
watch them grow. They were the joy of her later life with their bright
eyes and shining smiles.Everyone could tell she still missed her husband
so very much and someday would be reunited in God's good time.

That time has finally come for whatever reason why.  Mom, How are we
to survive without your presence here by our sides - when we need 
your hugs, your wisdom, your smile and laughter to warm our hearts, 
your criticism to set us straight, your caring forgiveness and most of all
your undying love for your family. 

We are at a loss by your sudden departure- you were the one we 
turned to in times of need-in times of sorrow- in times of celebration. 
You were not only the substance of which we are made of but also
our best friend whether we needed one or not. How are we to survive
without you? We'll survive because Mom, you and Dad showed 
and taught us how to survive in both the good and bad times that
life brings to us- you taught us to do the right things-not to be hateful
and disrespectful or greedy to others-to look for the good in people
and help one another. To stand together as a family and be proud
of who we are because we're from proud families. We will survive-
as we reflect on the past filled with memories of life's little bumps
in the road- how you and dad handled your challenges - celebrated
your accomplishments and enjoyed life as best you could.

Mom / Grandma- as you journey on angels wings to be once

again reunited with Dad/ Grandpa, remember that the loved ones

left behind will always remember your charm- your bright smiles

- your warm hugs and everlasting love. Give Dad / Grandpa a

big hug from all of us .. We'll miss you both more than you'll

ever know. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

We all love you and God be with you.

Love always,

Your Family

Blondie, Billy, ElDee, Stella
neighbor friend and mom Eva in back 

Dad (Sid) and Stella
Stella and Billy

Stella, ElDee and Blondie
Brackett Creek School girls.
Stella is second front, Blondie last on right front

Stella, friend, Blondie  at school

Blondie, Jo and Stella 
Stella and Blondie

ElDee Billing Blondie Aunt Hazel and Sid in back row
Eva Donna Jo Stella and Kelly in front

Jo Eva Stella Blondie

Billington family and friends

Glen and Stella with Roger and Terry
Bonnie and Roger with Stella

Stella and Glen at Eva's house

Blondie, Donna, Stella, Jack, Jo and Kelly at Eva's memorial 

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