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Isle of Skye, Scotland

Billington's have Scottish Ancestry!

Great-Grandmother Estella Loring Boyden Billington's mother was Ann McDonald. Recent research has found Ann's parents, who were married in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,  Canada, on March 26, 1846.

We found no details about her mother, Mary Campbell, 
but her father, Charles McDonald, was born in Scotland on the 
Isle of Skye.  Ann has many siblings which were all born in 
Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. So with further research we may be able to find some current Canadian /Scotch relatives.

Charles McDonald was born December 1815 and at some point immigrated to Nova Scotia where he became a merchant at Sydney Mines, a coal mining town.  Resources about the area can be found here:
sydney mines cape breton nova scotia canada   for images

Information about typical life of a Scottish immigrant can be found here:

The Scots who came to Nova Scotia during the last half of the 18th and first half of the 19th century were Highlanders.4 They came to the shores of Nova Scotia, and, unlike many other immigrants that also came during this time, the Highlanders stuck and generally did not bleed away to other parts.5 Truly, Nova Scotia, especially that of Cape Breton, reminded the new arrivals of their native land, the Highlands of Scotland. They found the same looking land and soil; the same weather; and, in time, the same people (their brethren who had arrived earlier).

The Isle of Skye resources can be found here:

Isle of Skye resources

The Island has a rich History covering many topics, such as: Dinosaur Fossils, Clan Warfare, Highland Clearances and the infamous ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and the Jacobite Rebellion.
Both Clan MacDonald and Clan MacLeod have their Clan Castle’s on the Island and should be on your list of places to visit.

Clan Donald Gardens and Museum of the Isles. Clan Donald Skye is a magnificent 20,000 acre estate in south Skye.
Here are some of my favorite photos of the Isle of Skye: 

Ancestry & Genealogy

Charles (1815-1879 )and Mary(1823-1890) are buried in the 
Historical Presbyterian Cemetery, Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia.
The inscription on their gravestone reads: 

In memory of Charles MacDonald merchant of Sydney Mines who was born in the Isle of Skye Scotland. December _ A.D. 1815 and died December 11 A.D. 1879 in his 64th year He was an enthusiastic Highlander a true friend to all in need possessed in a prominent degree many of the excellent qualities peculiar to the Scottish character. (Side 2) Mary Campbell beloved wife of Charles MacDonald died June 7 1890? aged 67? years also asleep with Jesus their beloved daughter Mary Jane died Dec 22 1873 aged 16 yrs

Their chidren:
John, 1848
Ann, 1850-1870 md 1867 to Elijah Boyden
Charles, Jr., 1850 md 1873 to Alice Cann
Nathaniel, 1853
Catherine, 1855 md Peter Morrison
Duncan, 1856
Mary Jane, 1858-1873
Alexander, 1861 md 1887 to Sarah Ann Sharp
Robert Edward, 1862
Florence, 1885-1938 md 1891 to Daniel Duncan McKenzie

The Clan Donald Library is housed in one wing of the Museum building. With over
 7000 books it has one of the best reference collections in northwest Scotland. 
Covering all aspects of Scottish culture and history, the Library specialties in Highland
 history, clan genealogies and family history. Collections also include 17th and 18th 
century material on the Jacobites as well as an extensive range of antiquarian and 
modern maps relating to Skye and the Highlands.
Visitors to Armadale are welcome to make use of the Library during their visit, 
which also houses archive collections including Lord Macdonald’s Estate Papers. 
These papers, which comprise charters and land grants, rent lists, correspondence, 
estate maps and financial accounts, provide a framework for local history and
 genealogy research, particularly for Skye and North Uist. A charge is made for 
consulting this archive, which contributes towards the cost of conserving and 
developing it.
Highland genealogy can be frustrating, especially to thoseunfamiliar with the places and
 people concerned, but our local knowledge can help you. The library team, led by our
 Museum Manager, is always on hand to assist if you require advice.
You can also find out if your surname is Scottish, its derivation and meaning, when you 
visit our Library. Our collection includes books on tartans, Highland dress, clan histories 
and much more.
From Easter to October the Library is usually open 10am-4.30pm, seven days a week. 
The Library may close at lunchtimes and for short periods when the Museum 
Manager is offering tours or other activities within the Museum. If you wish to consult
 the Library resources and are visiting on a schedule you are advised to book with the
 Library in advance.
Contact details
Telephone: 01471 844305

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