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                   The names of those attending are listed at the end of this post.

The theme was Scottish Ancestry based on the recent research (see previous post) of our Scottish McDonald ancestry from Isle of Skye, Scotland.  We have not yet discovered where exactly on SKYE Charles McDonald lived, but we do know he had immigrated to Canada by 1846. While more research is ongoing, it is satisfying to know where some of our ancestors came from in the 1800's.

 It was good to see Zane Sampson and Sherrie Hagemo help set the Scottish atmosphere by wearing their kilts and providing the Flag of Scotland.

Posters of the  McDonald Crest, and bagpipes were up on the wall along with the Scottish Flag. A binder of our ancestry and pictures of Skye were passed around.  Four of the little cousins were taught by Becca Bell and then performed a little Scottish dance in their Scottish outfits.



Many enjoyed a hunt for "Scottish Fairy Houses" in the "Fairy Forest"  area.  It took a long time to find all 6 Fairy Houses.  This activity was originally set up for the kids to find, and take pictures when they found them, but the adults enjoyed watching or helping the kids.  The kids knew that the houses were really hidden there by adults, so they turned the table on the adults. While the adults weren't looking, some of the kids stole the houses, or doors to the houses,  and re-hid them in another area entirely and then recruited the adults to find them.  To further the fun, when the kids weren't looking, some of the kid's parents were give the houses..or doors to the houses  and took them home to have them "show up" at their home.

Hali and Amy

Chris  Tina  Sherrie   Goldie

Lizzy  Hannah  Sara  Tina

Add captiLizzy  Hali  Hannah   Becca
Lizzy   Hannah

Tina in back
Lizzie  Hannah  Sherrie
Amy and Hali 
Melanie  Eva  Emmitt  Cindy  Goldie
 Eden in front

Cindy   Emmitt

Melanie   Troy   Eva

Crystal  Tina  Goldie  Becca
Amy  Hali 

Goldie  Hannah  Lizzy  Mike  Emry

Lana  Sara  Mike
Michelle and Emry


The hunt was interrupted for a while by the arrival of Owen Indreland and his dog...
they were quite an attraction.  
Hannah  Hali  Lizzy  Owen  Eden  Emry

Emry  Lizzy  Hali  and Eden

Emmitt  Cindy  Lizzy, Owen  Hali
Troy  Eden  Emry  Hannah

Tina  Sara  Mike Crystal with Hali in back
Lizzy  Mikal  Eden with Emry   Owen  Goldie  Lana in front

 The pot luck was delicious and enjoyed by all
Goldie  Cindy  Emmitt  Kyle

Bill  Tina  James

Anna  Crystal  Mikal

Roger   Jackie   Jack   Hali


Besides enjoying the pot luck dishes, cousins visited with each other while relaxing both indoors and outdoors the beautiful Grant Creek area of Montana.  Some looked on the Family Search website for ancestors on a laptop computer.
Mike    John   Anna  Aaron B

James  Liam Colby

Eden and Emry




The kids enjoyed crafts, playing cards, and splashing in the creek.
Amy and Hali

Hali and Amy

Melanie and Eden

Amy   Hannah   Hali

Mikal   Lizzy  Becca  Hali and  Hannah in back
David   Troy   Eden   Emry and  Mike in front

Colby and Troy on left  Emry and Eden on right  Sara holding umbrella

Jackie   Jack   Owen   Crysta  , Chris in back
Melanie   Mika   Hannah  and Eva's hands in front

Emry  Lizzy   Hali  Eva in front
Mikal  David  Amy  Hannah  and Melanie in back

David and Mikal in front
Amy   Hannah   Eva with Melanie   Hali and Lizzy   Emry    Mike with Eden

Goldie and Sherrie

Hali and Lizzy with Roger in back

Dave  Zane  Goldie with Emry in front

Chris and Zane

Bonnie and Emry

Liam  Timothy  Melanie in back
Colby and Aaron G in front

Michelle and Eva


David  Troy  Eden
Timothy in front

Lizzy and Mikal

Aaron G with Timothy   Colby and James

Amy and Hannah

Those attending:

Roger and Bonnie Vetter
Jack and Jackie Billington
Jessica (Billington) Shaffer
Cindy (Billington) Kyle, and Emmitt Griswold
Goldie, Karen, Kelsey, and Wyatt; Mary, Rory, Abby, and Owen Indreland
Ted and Sherrie Hagemo
Zane and Anna Sampson
Chris, Crystal, and Mikal Chaussee
Bill, Lana, and Mike Rankin
David and Eva Wruck
Aaron, Emma, David, Timothy, Amy, Melanie, and Michelle Grigg
John, Tina, Lizzy, and James Cheney
Sara, Hannah, Troy, and Eden Bingham
Aaron, Becca, Hali, Colby, Liam, and Emry Bell

A Shutterfly photo book highlighting the reunion is available to view on line...it can be sent to your email address by request at: lana.rankin@yahoo.com. Use the same email address if you want any of the above photos sent to you directly by email. These photos and other Billington photos can be found on BILLINGTON'S REMEMBERED by Shutterfly, which can also be sent to you by request.
Also you are welcome to enjoy the FaceBook page:  Billington Family Reunion   where you will find some of these same photos.

We are looking for a new location for future Billington Reunions.....
Let us know if your family is willing to host the next one.

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